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Hey, my name's Ben. And I'm the co-founder of Get Clients.

We're a performance based marketing agency that specializes in helping medical clinics book out their calenders using paid ads without lifting a finger.

I know you've probably spoken to marketing agencies before or even worked with some, so here's why we are different.

We charge ZERO setup fees and ZERO retainers, and work purely on a performance basis.

The only cost on your end is the marketing budget.

Our process is simple, but requires no work on your part.

We first understand your business, the services you offer, and come up with a unique offer to make your clinic stand out.

We then run paid ads to generate leads, and follow up with them until they are ready to buy.

We also book them into your clinic's calender, so all you have to do is to focus on providing the best service and delivering the best results for your existing customers.

We only get paid when we send you customers, so there is no risk on your part. We only win when you first win.

Interested to find out more about our partnership model? Book a call with our team below and let's chat.

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