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At Get Clients, we partner with you to implement a proprietary system designed specifically to help you get more leads, turn them into paying clients and grow your medical practise... WITHOUT you doing the heavy lifting.

Treat us like your growth partner, so you can focus on delivering the best results for your patients.

Our 7-C Medical Marketing Method

Our 7-C Method was carefully designed to help medical practices to bring in qualified new leads and turn them into a paying customer. Learn how we do it.

#1 Custom Photography

We ensure every client we work with has professionally taken photos of their medical practise and Doctors.

You've put a lot of time, energy and resources into your medical clinic, let us help you to showcase it.

#2 Customer Intent

We build our campaigns using the intents of your potential customers.

By focusing on their problems and pains, we can present your treatment as the solution, increasing higher quality leads that will turn into customers.

#3 Craft Your Offer

We will speak to you to see what services your clinic offer, and help to refine your offer to make it irresistable to your ideal customer.

At the end of the day, your offer needs to help them achieve their dream outcome.

#4 Conversion


We launch paid ads on social media platforms and closely track every single metric.

We also help you to stop the existing leaks in your marketing process to ensure you get maximum ROI for your marketing budget.

#5 Cultivate with A.I.

At any given time, only a small percentage of customers are ready to turn into paying clients.

With our prioprietary A.I. nurturing sequence, we cultivate relationship with every lead until they eventually turn into a paid customer.

#6 Calling Your Leads

We have an in-house team that is capable of calling up your leads to assess if they are a right fit for your medical procedure.

This frees up time for your clinical staff to deliver the best results for your existing clients.

#7 Converting

Your Leads

Our team also follows up with all your leads over a period of time, and book them into your clinic's calender for a initial consult or a paid trial.

We also send reminders to ensure they actually show up to your clinic to prevent no shows.

Our 'Risk-Free' Approach

Get Clients offers you a fresh approach to "done-for-you" marketing services where we help medical practices acquire customers profitably without any of the risk involved in hiring a typical marketing agency.

Most marketing agencies work like this...

They charge you a one-time setup fee of a few thousand...

Followed by a monthly retainer of a few thousand...

You then pay $2,500 or more per month for them to run some ads...

They then provide you the leads, and that's it. Nothing is guaranteed.

So we decided that there had to be a better way.

At Get Clients, we eliminate all the risk for you.

We bear all the initial setup cost and generate the leads for you using paid ads.

We then follow up with your potential customers, and book them into your clinic's calender.

You only pay us for EACH customer we manage to send your way.

We charge ZERO retainers, and can scale the traffic flow up or down depending on your capacity and marketing budget.

This way, we work on a performance model where our interest are aligned.

A truly win-win partnership.

Schedule a call to find out more about our partnership model and how we can help you grow your medical clinic.

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